This post has Pi Day free printables, which is each March 14th, of course. Does your school celebrate? Do the teachers share pie in the break room?

The wristbands are included in the Sir Cumference printable, below.  I have combined it with the rest of my printables for this special day.

Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi is the best book to read on March 14 each and every year, of course. The stories in the Sir Cumference series are widely used in upper-grade classrooms to help anchor math concepts.

Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi, a Math Adventure

by Cindy Neuschwander, illustrated by Wayne Geehan

In Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi, a Math Adventure, Radius (the name is referred to but not described in math terms) saves his father’s life after accidentally turning him into a fire-breathing dragon.  Of course, a math formula is the reason for the solution.  Did you know Sir Cumference named Pi in this story?  Did you know this story tells how the math formula for ∏ was discovered?  This is a fictional story but the author’s purpose is achieved when children remember this math lesson.

The Great Knight of Angleland math story by the same author includes a magic medallion just like the one Radius uses in the story to solve math problems in his quest to find King Lell.  Upon achieving his mission, he is knighted as Sir Cumference.

The medallion in the back of this book is made of cardboard and is not actually the real family heirloom used in the book, but it solves math problems just the same.  Of course, it is really a protractor.

The clever wording in this story such as the “Pair of Lells” (two dragons flying in straight lines next to each other) explains the fictional origin of the math words like parallels.  Very fun and worth reading!

Pi Day Printables

Pi Day Free Printables

Sir Cumference

Sir-Cumference-and-the-Dragon-of-PiHere is a free printable #1 for two Sir Cumference math stories.  The books are needed for using this printable, and I’m sure the library will have copies. This printable OPENS HERE. It has pictures which would look best in color printing. It has ISN’s or interactive student notebook pages, as well as photo examples of real life angles.

Please scroll down for another free printable for the Sir Cumference math stories. Printable #2 is for black and white printing.

Student ISN's and real world photos of angles for Pi Day work pages , wrist bands, free

This is printable #2 and it has four pages for black and white printing. See also the blog post for Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of Angleland at this post, as well as Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi at this link.

free printable for two Sir Cumference books, black and white work pages

Thanks for reading, and happy Pi Day!  Don’t eat too much pie!



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