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Hello! This post has a free music beat game resources including two printables and a PowerPoint.  This week I’ve been working with Tonya Dirksen at Strings, Keys, and Melodies.  We have another printable coming up soon but I wanted to post the music game today.  We can’t wait for our next post!    Tonya has several music videos to accompany this game as she has a blog post and video for each of the following:  whole note, half note, quarter note, and more!  She even has a “rock-a-bye” rest post and song!

Click on these words to download a copy, or click on the photo below.

Free Music Beat Game Resources

Music Beat Game

The directions for the game are included in the printable and have photos illustrating what to do. 
free music beats game directions


Musical note clip art can be so difficult to find, but we were happy to find the Teacher’s Clipart store, and we each bought the notes in this game yesterday.  It is wonderful to find the clipart you need online!

Here is the PowerPoint that explains note counting:

free music beats game Power Point presentation


And some work pages for practicing counting!

free music beats counting notes printable


There are three work pages and answer keys are included. These are cut and paste pages so that the children do not have to try to draw the notes.


Each row on this page should total one 4/4 measure.


Also, on this page, each row should be one full measure.


Thank you for reading, Carolyn