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Grades 3 Through 6 Free Literature Guides

Literature Guides, work pages, and book companions for grades 3 and up are listed on this page. The free printables are available on the blog posts. This page has a list of resources available. There are others throughout the site, as well.


A Dog for Lockdown by O’Beara

Second in the lockdown series by Clare O’Beara, A Dog For Lockdown is a story about a thirteen-year-old boy who lives with his mother. The free teaching supplement is at this link.

a pony-for-Quarantine-by-clare-o-beara

A Pony for Quarantine by Clare O’Beara

Quarantine! Moya, age 13, is sent home from school. She isn’t sure what is happening. Her parents and brother are home, too.

show jumping team-by-clare-o-beara

Show Jumping Team by O’Beara Book Companion Free

Show Jumping Team was written by a National Show Jumping Champion of Ireland, Clare O’Beara. Free teaching supplement at this link.


Rodeo Finn by Clare O’Beara Free Student Work Pages

Rodeo Finn by Clare O’Beara is a multi-genre novel for teens and young adults. The free book companion is at the blog post for the book.


Free novel unit for Guinevere, On the Dawn of Legend, by Cheryl Carpinello


Guinevere, On the Eve of Legend, by Cheryl Carpinello free literacy guide is on the blog post


Book three in the Guinevere series, Guinevere: The Legend — free novel unit at the blog post