Memory Book

Memory books are fun to make and keep children engaged at the end of the school year. Making the booklets will help them realize all they have learned during the school year to help themselves and parents feel proud of the learning. This free A to Z School Year Memory printable is something that can be started during the fall of each year.  If this project is begun late in the spring, there can be quite a time crunch! While the children are coloring and writing, the teacher will have some time to either build rapport (in the fall) or reflect (at the end of the year).

I have known excellent teachers who either worked on books like this all year, or finished them near the end of the year.  If you do a backward alphabet to count down to the end of the school year, a page could be worked on each day there is a new letter, until page A.

 FREE K-2 School Year Memory Book PDF

Please note:  This printable PDF is updated.  However, the art is from artists who do not allow their clip art on free presentations.  So the PowerPoint and SMART Board PDFs have art that can be used on presentations, while not as cute.  The words on the pages are nearly the same, though, if you want to project pages during student work time.

A to Z memory book class project PDF   updated printable with my newer art, a booklet to write and illustrate, FREE, note the left margin is wider for left binding or staples.

Free A to Z PowerPoint and PDF  (older version of the student printable as the artists do not allow their art on free presentations)

Free A to Z SMART Board presentation and PDF (older version of the student printable as the artists do not allow their art on free presentations)

Memory Book

Thanks for reading, Carolyn

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