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Baby Whale’s Journey

Baby Whale’s Journey is a nonfiction story about a baby whale’s life as it learns and grows.  This book is perfect for inferring and also teaching word choice for the traits of writing.  The sentences “show” and do not “tell,” so students must think about what is really being said.  First graders can infer (yes, really) and a definition of inferring for this grade level is “the author plus me.” The author is by Jonathan London, and the book was illustrated by Jon Van Zyle.Don’t do too much inferring on page one as that is the beginning of baby whale’s life, although vague, is best skipped over.  Here is an example of a typical sentence in this book:

“Suddenly the ocean erupts!  Mama Whale bursts into the light of the moon.  The tentacles of a sixty-foot-long giant squid lace her body.”

The language in the book is wonderful and offers many teaching opportunities.

Inferring Printable for Baby Whale’s Journey

My 3 page FREE PDF has a possible class chart for the class or a guided reading group to work on inferring together, the same chart as a student work page, and an answer key.  It might be best written by the teacher on large chart paper for a whole group mini-lesson on inferring.

Baby Whale’s Journey 3 page PDF

Free Inferring Printable for Baby Whale's Journey
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