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Kids' Poems by R. Routman

Kids’ Poems by R. Routman

Kids’ Poems:  Teaching Second Graders to Love Writing Poetry by Regie Routman

Kids’ Poems is also available for other grade levels.

Regie Routman is a teacher who writes professional development books for other teachers, presents inservices, leads school-wide literacy professional development residency projects, and also offers professional development training CD’s.  Her books are very helpful to teachers.  This book is especially for teachers of second graders.  She discusses how to teach poetry and the best part is that whole pages of this book are devoted to samples of student work.

These samples could be used in classrooms to show children what is possible for students to write in the area of poetry.  Being able to show student work samples is sometimes more helpful than anything.  The poems she is talking about are all free verse, non-rhyming poems.

Free Generic Poetry Paper Printable Summer Theme

Below are free PDFs for student poetry and story writing, with a summer theme.  This way, students may choose to write free verse, rhymes, or even stories.  These are generic writing frames that really do not require the book, above — but of course, it would be nice to have to consult.   Most have a nature theme. (see below, click on the link for full free instant download PDF of all pages which were updated May 2018)


FREE PDF poetry writing paper frames for poems about hummingbirds, summertime, butterflies, bees, rivers, trees, monsters, storms, and writing frames.  The different kinds of writing pages in the PDF are to help provide differentiation.  Student directions are included.

Each topic has a directions page with a few optional vocabulary words, such as for butterflies.


Then a writing frame page is provided for each topic, as well. Children are encouraged to draw their own picture in the oval area before writing paired lines of rhyming poetry. Prose may also be written on the lines as the pages are open-ended.


Happy poetry writing, Carolyn