First Grade Surveys and Make My Own Graph, Sports Theme

Free surveys and graphing pages to help first graders as they work toward CCSS Math Content 1 MDC 4.  Before you ask, these pages will fit any math program.  This freebie is available on Teachers Pay Teachers. We want to encourage children to play outside in nice weather, so the theme of the surveys is sports. Three of the surveys are all set up, and there is one open-ended option. No prep required other than printing!

Free First Grade Surveys and Make My Own Graph, Sports Theme

I hope your students think the surveys and graphing are fun.  They can compare each others results and work in a little more math.

CCSS Math Content 1 MDC 4

There is a planning page with directions for creating a survey and graph for first grade math. directions for making your own survey and graph

There are a few recording data pages for interviewing classmates and record the answers with tally marks. data recording page

Recording Data

Finally, there is a recording page for a student created survey question and three possible responses. create your own survey question and data recording page

This printable has a directions page, three different surveys, pages for creating the results on graphs, and a generic option for student use. These pages will help students work towards the CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.1.MD.C.4 standard.

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