Free Decision Making Printable Grade 4

Free Decision Making Printable Grade 4

This post has links to a free decision making printable for grade 4, and also links to a longer priced version. Minnesota has set social studies standards about decision making for many grade levels, including grade 4. Students do need to learn strategies about making personal, family, and community decisions.  The economic reasoning information is especially important for learners to understand.  free-decision-making-printable-grade-4

Free Mini-Pack for Decision Making Grade 4

This free printable has a problem and a decision matrix to help solve the problem on each page. The PACED or other decision-making models may be used in conjunction with these pages. The last page is editable for teachers to write directions for students to brainstorm possible solutions to problems book characters face.Minnesota State Standards
Democratic government depends on informed and engaged citizens who exhibit civic skills and values, practice civic discourse, vote and participate in elections, apply inquiry and analysis skills and take action to solve problems and shape public policy.

People make informed economic choices by identifying their goals, interpreting and applying data, considering the short- and long-run costs and benefits of alternative choices and revising their goals based on their analysis.

I also wrote a longer priced lesson with several editable files for teachers who may like to teach about these issues more extensively.  The same standards are expanded upon in the priced product which is available on Teachers Pay Teachers. The priced product preview files also have free printable pages which could be used right away.

Are you familiar with the PACED decision making process?  This photo shows the slides in the PowerPoint on the priced product.  These are also included in the teacher PDF.


The product also has a student writing project which includes word walls to support the writing. There are three such pages, as well as one page for students to record their own words.

decision-making-word-wallThank you for reading,

You might also like the priced product which is in our priced Amember area as well as on Teachers Pay Teachers.


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