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Free 9 Question Quiz for Matilda Bone

This post has a free 9 question quiz for Matilda Bone by Karen Cushman. It is an excellent historical fiction book, especially for girls, as are all the novels by Karen Cushman. Matilda leaves her religious life in a church to apprentice herself to a Bone Setter who lives on Blood and Bone Alley. Being well-educated, she cannot picture herself doing dirty chores or helping sickly patients. She has to shop for food for the first time in her life, and ends up buying food that is too old and stinky to eat the first time she tries. She ends up being surprised to find out she can adapt to this new way of life.

Matilda Bone by Karen Cushman (PDF 9 question test)

This is an image of the first page of the test. It is a multiple choice test and a teacher answer key is provided.



Thank you for reading, Carolyn