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This post has free 3-D math work pages for grade one with answer key for teachers. First graders are very capable learners in the area of 3D shapes!  One game they love to play in math is, “Pyramid or prism?”  In this game, the teacher places an assortment of two kinds of 3-D shapes in a bag.  The students pull out one shape at a time, and tell if it is a pyramid or a prism shape.  A little more difficult game is to place cones and pyramids in the bag, as the pointed tip is on both shapes.  And they love to use math vocabulary such as “rectangular prism” or “triangular prism.”  Really!

This 13 page 3-D shapes freebie includes:

1 student page for prism or pyramid
1 student page for cone or pyramid
1 student page for cylinder or sphere
1 student page for matching geometric shapes to everyday object shapes
1 student page for writing the names of 3-D shapes

(and all answer keys)

Free 3-D Math Work Pages Grade One PDF with Answer Key

The focus of these free 3-D shapes work pages is on differentiating two different types of shapes. The pages have shapes with different shapes and orientations, to help meet CCSS:
1.G.1.– Distinguish between defining attributes (e.g., triangles are closed and three-sided) versus non-defining attributes (e.g., color, orientation, overall size)

These pages could also be used as a review for second grade.

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Carolyn Wilhelm