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Pint Sized Perfectionists Carry a Painful Burden

Pint sized perfectionists carry a painful burden and can cause parental anguish. As a teacher of gifted education with a masters degree in gifted education, I have seen the perfectionist syndrome manifested in children many times. It can be a burden to child and perhaps parent. The National Association of Gifted Children  (NAGC) states: “All perfectionism

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Miniapple International Montessori Visit

I recently visited Miniapple International Montessori which has three locations near Minneapolis, Minnesota. I observed in classrooms and met the staff and students. I had a wonderful experience learning about the school. Miniapple is an International peace site for teaching children to give back, help others, and recognize the importance of a peaceful world. They offer world languages, and

Oral Reading Fluency and Comprehension Issues

According to A to Z Reading, “Fluency refers to a student’s speed, smoothness, and ease of oral reading. Fluent readers read more quickly and smoothly, allowing them to focus on comprehension. Fluent readers gain more meaning from the text they read. Because fluency leads to comprehension, fluent readers enjoy reading more than students who devote all their energy