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Fire Prevention Week Free Graphing PrintableThis week the Teachers Pay Teachers blog has a post about fire prevention week with links to free and priced products. I was happy to see a link to my free fire prevention week graphing product was included, as well.

Fire safety week is exciting for the children who both worry about fires yet enjoy the learning. I like to put down masking tape (that must be taken up the first day to prevent difficulty removing it) in a big rectangle to be the “bus.”  Many children do not actually ride a bus to school, but the entire class has to get on a bus and jump out the back door as part of the fire prevention activities.  We practice getting on our bus in class by pantomiming walking up the steps, sitting with hands and feet in the seat not the isle, and going over the proper bus behavior.  At the end, the students pretend to jump out the back door, in an orderly fashion.  This helps them know what to expect in the real bus and provides some repetition for the learning.

It is fun to actually put the classroom chairs in the bus and let some children take turns being the bus driver, or sitting cross-legged in the taped space works, too.

Some children are very frightened by fire safety week, so it is nice to invite the fire fighters to class.  The children seem to respond so well to a talk about what to do in case of a fire.  One year a child in class had actually been burned in a fire, so I privately told the fire fighters and they were especially kind to her.

Fire Prevention Graphing

Here is my free printable.  There are color pages and black and white pages which are different so both may be used in a classroom.  Color pages may be placed in plastic sleeves and reused in a math center, or printed on a black and white printer if needed.

free-fire-safety-graphing-collageIn the fall in first grade when routines are being established, these activities are good as they can be used for practicing shorter sessions for learning group rotation.

Here is a picture of the roll and graph activity in color in use.  The tongs may be added for more fine motor practice. Answers will vary with this independent center.

Free printable Fire-Safety-Roll-and-Graph

The picture may be used instead of the paper cube for a count-and-graph activity.  For this activity, there are correct answers. The answers are included in the printable PDF.


Be sure to also check out the Living Montessori Now’s huge fire safety round-up post with many free printables for Pre-K through grade 2.


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