Elmer's Christmas Elephant Coloring Page Gift Thoughts Free PDFElmer’s Christmas by David McKee is a sweet story in the Elmer elephant book series. These books are available in several languages.  While the adults work on festive preparations, Elmer takes the young ones up the mountain. Seeing their first snow, they have a fun time. They find a tree they can “easily return.” Good idea! In this story, the baby elephants want to give people gifts, too, not just receive presents. And Elmer, a star among the elephants, helps the young ones meet Papa Red. They all happily help load gifts on Papa Red’s sleigh as he distributes them where they are needed most.

Previously, Miss Frog worked on an Elmer elephant cut and color page using her iPad. So this time, the girls used the same PDF for wishes, thoughts, and gifts for their coloring. Download your free PDF at the next link.

Elmer Elephant Color, Cut, and Fold PDF Page Free Instant Download


first print the page

First, print the page. The family had just moved so this was the first thing they printed when they hooked up the printer.

get the art supplies out

Gather up wanted art supplies. Perhaps put a mat under the coloring area so as to avoid any spots or stains on the new white table, hmmm?

brainstorm ideas

Brainstorm ideas for what might be nice to give the world and other people. Many times children will say something like they wish everyone could get along, be well, or have enough food. These ideas could be incorporated into the drawings.

adding ideas

Ideas could be added as the project is worked on, as the children will get inspiration from each other.


Progress is being made and the conversation is peaceful and rich.

cut and display

Here are the colored, cut, and finished masterpieces!

one finished elephant

A Christmas tree, hearts, rainbows, coffee (for mom?), flowers, and more helped illustrate this elephant. Very kind wishes for the world and others!

another masterpiece

Hearts, snow, flowers, sunshine, coffee, an orange slice, cherries, and other ideas are illustrated here. Lovely wishes for the world, friends, and other people!

Thank you for reading, Carolyn, Miss Owl,, and Miss Frog

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Easter at Eastman Nature Center in Minnesota


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The Plaza Playground experience was pure joy for Miss Owl and us as we watched her jump and play. It is close by and is open 365 days a year. She loved the Kangaroo jumping floor the best.

Plaza Playground

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Eastman Nature Center in the Three Rivers Park District recently held a fairy theme story time and activity class.

Eastman Nature Center in the Three Rivers Park District recently held a fairy theme storytime and activity class.

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