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Free Download and Informational Links for Parents

This page has links to Carolyn’s posts to help prepare young children for school success in reading and math, as well as helping them with homework.

Struggling at home to help your child reach the fluency goal for improved reading comprehension? Here are some possible problems to consider before finding professional help in the matter.


FREE eBook for parents about reading comprehension and young children. By reading aloud to children and discussing the books young children and emergent readers can be taught the foundation skills for future reading comprehension.   This book is good for use at home, in homeschools, and in classrooms. This download will open at the link above, or by clicking on this picture.

Educational Links for ParentsThis eBook is copyrighted by the US Copyright Office at this link.

Your child has nightly reading homework, what should you be doing to help?  See the Wise Owl Factory guest post on the Cult of Pedagogy blog.  This link is to an informational blog post and a video intended to help parents.


Informational blog post on Wise Owl Factory for Preparing Your Child for First Grade Math (at home)


This is a link to my informational blog post discussing homework for grades K-2.


Garage sales are the perfect opportunity for children to have a real-life experience counting coins and making change!

Garage-sales-help-children-learn-about-making-change-and-making-money-go-further provides educators and students access to the highest quality practices and resources in reading and language arts instruction

The Awesome Library for Parents, Teachers, Kids, and Librarians:

A National Center for Family Literacy Site

A math site for elementary math from the National Council of Teachers of Math

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