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Editable Calendars for Teachers 2018 thru July 2020 Free

Northern and Southern Hemisphere are on separate PDFs

Each year, Teacher’s Clipart and I make an editable calendar for classroom use. Of course, there are possible other uses such as scout groups or even parents. By typing in the blue spaces a teacher may indicate things the important for families to remember such as gym day (PE shoes required), library day, field trips, and school-wide events. Save the calendar first to have an always clean copy, and then save edited versions for possible additional printing or future options.

This calendar begins with July 2018. Here is a photo of an editable calendar page made with Teacher’s Clipart cute art. This is the October 2018 calendar. If nothing is typed in the blue rectangles, nothing will print (and the area will not be blue). The top rectangle may be used for the teacher’s name, room number, and perhaps school name. As you type, the font will get smaller so teachers will need to adjust how much they write in a shape to best communicate the information.

Editable Calendars October-2018-editable-teacher-calendar-sample-page

The calendar continues. If only October, for instance, is needed, then save the finished calendar as October and the year. When the calendar is edited again, say for December 2019, then save the file as that month and year. Holidays, vacations, and class parties may be noted and the page printed for parents.

Editable Calendars December-2019-sample-page-editable-teacher-calendar

Editable Calendars

One idea is to have the students color code the calendar in addition to the text which may be added by the teacher. All gym days might be colored in yellow, and all library days in green, for instance. Download your copy at the next link.


Editable Calendars April-2020-sample-page-from-editable-teacher-calendar

The Southern Hemisphere PDF opens at the next link.



We hope you will like this free printable and find it useful in your classroom.



Editable Calendars for-teachers-July-2018-through-July-2020-freebie

Thank you for reading! Carolyn and Teacher’s Clipart