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Easter Graphing Freebie

count and graph freebieThis count and graph freebie for Easter has one color specific color activity, and one in black and white.  This is the “usual” kind of count and graph pages I make, and there is a page with some photos to show some ideas of how the materials may be used.  Teachers will have various ideas about incorporating these in to their math centers, too, I’m sure.

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The count and graph activities may be set up for exact counting with a controlled approach, or the paper cube may be used for independent work.  The answer keys included are for the counting pages, while independent work activities will have answers that vary. Jelly beans may be used for some added incentive!
Here is a very short video showing this printable in use.

This free Easter Count and Graph PDF has pages to print in color and in black and white. The two activities are different. The color pages are color specific and do need to be printed in color. Specific counting and independent versions are included.Easter Graphing Freebie

The next photo shows some of the options that may be set up for children. Manipulatives (jelly beans or other counters) could be used or not, the count and graph option has right answers, and roll and graph will be indivdual work where answers will vary.
graphing -- free printable count and graph activities PDF

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