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Color Words Writing and Card Matching Freebie

This blog post has a free dress the snowman plus color words printable.  Click here for the

free-color-words-dots-stripes-clowns-printable, 47 pages

4- to 5-year-old children should be able to name colors, so this freebie has a color words game, Dress the Snowman, and color word writing pages.  It has a dots or stripes game and clown puzzles to help with visual discrimination, building on the understanding of colors and shapes.  Of course, you would only print the pages pertinent to your students, children, or classroom.Dress the Snowman Matching Color Sets and Puzzle Free PDF

In this set of pages are color words for children to practice writing and of course, color.


There are directions for using the matching cards several ways for differentiation in the classroom.


The cards have colors and a color word. The cards may be placed upside down or the entire deck may be shuffled.


Besides colors, there are cards with dots and stripe for visual discrimination. Children can sort or play a matching game with this part of the printable.


This is a page with stripes cards.


And there are clown puzzles for size discrimination. This can be hilarious to some children as they mix and match the different puzzles so the clowns look odd.


I hope you can use some of these pages in your teaching situation.

Thank you for reading, Carolyn