DIY Paint Stamping an Easter Egg Shape on Watercolor Paper

Paint stamping, anyone? There are several ways to stamp shapes on paper such as using potatoes cut to size. I recently found sponge shapes on sticks (paintbrushes) at the craft store, and so that what what we used for this project. I am not an affiliate and do not earn money for this post. These are just things I found at the craft store, art store, and dollar bin. Combined, the items provided hours of Easter themed fun one Saturday afternoon. Click on the link for your copy of the free instant download Easter egg coloring pages.


We began by drawing an egg shape on watercolor paper. The paint we had on hand was poster paint which is quite thick, so thick paper was good.  The stamps were added a row at a time. There was no reason for one color per row, it is just what the children decided to do.

Easter-egg-DIY-painting-activity-and-dollar-bin-fun (17)

Black? What was up with that? Apparently some of us have had enough of just purple and pink. Maybe it was to get the adults to open all the jars of paint? Who knows. Wonders never cease. Oh, maybe it was the black jelly beans?

Easter-egg-DIY-painting-activity-and-dollar-bin-fun (11)

It was pretty when finished!

Easter-egg-DIY-painting-activity-and-dollar-bin-fun (24)

Here is another almost finished project. Lovely! The eggs could be cut out and used for home decor after the paint dries.

Easter-egg-DIY-painting-activity-and-dollar-bin-fun (20)

A variety of shapes and colors were used. Little hearts in the corner were a good idea.

Easter-egg-DIY-painting-activity-and-dollar-bin-fun (22)

I found some interesting items in the dollar bin, such as mystery writing. I didn’t open it before the children arrived and was surprised to see a special light that revealed the writing on the page. You just never know what the dollar bin might have!

Easter-egg-DIY-painting-activity-and-dollar-bin-fun (8)

Writing could be checked when writing, as well. Such fun!

Easter-egg-DIY-painting-activity-and-dollar-bin-fun (10)

The mystery writing and the wooden craft painting kits would make great Easter basket stuffers, as they are non-candy and entertaining.

Easter-egg-DIY-painting-activity-and-dollar-bin-fun (14)

Easter-egg-DIY-painting-activity-and-dollar-bin-fun (13)

Finally, there was a peel and stick craft activity to finish off the time together. I like these kits as the stick actually sticks, it is good for fine motor practice, and the projects always turn out well providing a feeling of satisfaction.

Easter-egg-DIY-painting-activity-and-dollar-bin-fun (25)

Thank you for reading, Carolyn


DIY Paint Stamping an Easter Egg Shape on Watercolor Paper

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