Diary of a Worm Free Punctuation Pages

Diary of a Worm Free Punctuation Pages


Quotation marks are fun to practice with the books mentioned in this post.

This post is for Diary of a Worm and Earthworms and has free punctuation practice pages. Many schools have worm farm science units, and some even have compost heaps! In Earthworms, each two-page spread has a large photo on one side, and facts on the other page.  It has a table of contents, words to know at the back, a light and dark science experiment to try, an index, further suggested reading, and suggested websites to consult for more information.  Earthworms passes the teacher test for books suitable for research projects.  If you love big pictures of earthworms, it will pass your test, too!

Diary of a WormMy free printable today has pages loosely based on the books Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin and Earthworms by Kevin J. Holmes. The printable focuses on speech bubbles and quotation marks, and they are easy if you look at the pages and find the words in bold.  Let the children think they are being tricky if they figure out how to spell words in the speech bubbles from the pages.  I also included some open-ended pages for independent writers.

Diary of a Worm is a fun story for children that while fiction, tells nonfiction facts.  At school, we call this multi-genre text.  It can be a little tricky for children to determine factual information from a fiction story, so it may take a little practice.  Earthworms is full of factual information.  The facts are fun, though, such as worms do not have to go to the dentist. The writing is engaging and almost hilarious for children to read.

Quotation marks, anyone?


The students have a writing and drawing page so they may come up with their own facts after enjoying the books.

free-speech-bubbles-quotation-marks-worm-work-pages_Page_7Please click on the link below for a free instant download of this educational printable PDF:


Diary of a Worm Free Punctuation Pages

Happy reading about worms!  Carolyn

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