Decision making introduction and strategies help teach students how to make informed decisions. It is important for people to learn ways to help make decisions as the process can be so difficult. I used to teach a similar unit when I taught gifted education classes. All classes would benefit from such learning.

Decision making introduction and strategies are necessary to for informed decisions. I have one free and one priced product on Teachers Pay Teachers on this topic. The Minnesota social studies standards for grade four are below. The reason I did not select Common Core State Standards is that there are no social studies standards below grade six. For grades K-6, social studies are considered to be embedded in the literature standards. Grade 6 -12 do have CCSS in this area.

Democratic government depends on informed and engaged citizens who exhibit civic skills and values, practice civic discourse, vote and participate in elections, apply inquiry and analysis skills and take action to solve problems and shape public policy.

People make informed economic choices by identifying their goals, interpreting and applying data, considering the short- and long-run costs and benefits of alternative choices and revising their goals based on their analysis.

Decision Making Introduction and Strategies

Decision Making Grade 4 Personal, Family, School, Community
The free preview at the priced product link has a free page to use immediately with students.

See the  FREE Mini-Pack at this link for an introduction to decision-making strategy.

This product is sold on Teachers Pay Teachers, and may also be found in our premium eMember social studies area.

Help students learn to make informed civic and economic choices for personal, family, school, and government decision making with this product. There are PPTx and PDFs included in the zipped folder. Some pages are editable for teacher use.
-PowerPoint Presentation about decision making at different levels
-PDF of PowerPoint presentation for teacher use
-Decision-making word lists
-Student writing pages and Google Slides of the decision matrices
This lesson was mostly created with photos of real people and situations.

The teacher use PowerPoint has discussion points about why a democracy needs informed citizens capable of making informed decisions. This picture is of some of the slides included. A PDF has the same slides in PDF format. class discussion prompts about why a democracy need citizens who can make informed decisions

Some of the slides explain possible decisions at different levels such as personal, school, community, and government.

levels of decision making and examples

There is a student word list included in one PDF. decision making writing word wall

A writing mini-book project is included. See more in the free preview file at the product link, including a free page to use with your classroom.

writing mini book project for decision making

This is a possible bulletin board which can be made with a few pages of one of the PDFs included.


This product was included in the Teachers Pay Teachers Resource Round-Up blog post recently.


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