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Oriental Trading Company has a calendar with all those weird and funny special days of the year. These types of days make great attention-getting morning messages as well as school-wide event days. I have heard of these days but didn’t realize they are written down and I can actually plan ahead using the OTC 2018 calendar. March 16th is “do everything right day” and maybe I should put off a few tasks until that day so they will turn out well. Who knew? The calendars are actually $4.99 and have so many coupons ($150 worth) they are worth it, if you happen to be an OTC shopper (which I have been for many years). I think I was the only teacher to use the catalog many long years ago, but I think most people are aware of the company by now. I did receive a free calendar and it is good I looked inside, it will provide fun and savings during 2018. Days of the Years and Holidays Calendar 2018

Here are some of the special days I’m looking forward to now that I’m in the know!

Best Friends Day is June 8th — hey, maybe the class can all be best friends to help end the school year on a positive note.

April 7th is no housework day! Looking forward, and you probably are, too!

April 10th is encourage a young writer day. We try to encourage our students to write each day during writing workshop, but we can mention this day is special and just for their writing to help inspire good writing pieces. Here is a landforms writing freebie to use that day.

August 10th is S’mores day. I have a post for that day — with a freebie!

Talk Like a Pirate Day is on September 19th, as it is every year. Here is a free printable to use in class that day.

November 14 is pickle day. I had no idea! That sounds like some fun. At least play pickle in the middle that day!

Of course the calendar notes holidays and season, such as the first day of spring will be on March 20th. And if you have a multicultural classroom, be in the know about special days for special students.

I’m sure you won’t want to forget January 13th is rubber ducky day.

The coupons, photos, lists, and information in the calendar will help you be creative all year.

If you have this calendar, don’t toss it aside, open it and start having fun in 2018.

Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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