Dancing Dime Experiment by I. Reid

Dancing Dime Experiment by I. Reid

demonstrate-cold-air-takes-less-space-than-warm-air-experimentThe dancing dime experiment is fun for children to do, and shows that different temperatures of air take up different amount of space.  Readers may recognize the author iReid, the talent behind the popular Bunnicula post. Let’s get right to the guest post with a word of caution that a dictionary may be required to follow along. Be sure to see the 27 second demonstration video at the end of the post.
the dancing dime experiment

by I. Reid

What most magicians do not want to admit is that besides fast reflexes and the innate ability of humans to be easily distracted, many of their so called magic tricks rely on simple physics. As the great Eoin Colfer once wrote, “science is taking the magic out of everything.”

The experiment of the Dancing Dime or Burping Bottle relies on simple physics to mystify and hopefully fascinate. This experiment works because of the principle of endothermic reactions. A basic concept in science is that everything wants to return to a whole and neutral state. In endothermic reactions, the whole and neutral state is achieved by absorbing heat (aka energy) from the surrounding area.

See the video and further explanation on I-Reid’s blog post here.



*Editor’s note: I. Reid must have swallowed an encyclopedia at some point. 

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