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Curious George Plays Baseball and Takes a Job Free Printables

Curious-George-Plays-Baseball-book-for-childrenCurious George Plays Baseball and Curious George Takes a Job

by Margret and H.A. Rey

At the beginning of summer vacation, fun, easily understood books are best for tired little brains and bodies!  Ease into summer reading with a few fun books.  Curious George always gets into trouble beginning with ” . . . but George was a curious little monkey . . .” which can be used as a refrain when your curious little one begins to get into trouble, too!  It could be a gentle warning to stop and think, which Curious George never does but completely gets out of trouble and saves the day anyway.  These stories are also cartoons.  I’m happy to be able to find so many fun links for today’s books! This book is reading level J.  This post has two freebies.  Click on the words or the pictures to download your copies.

My sequencing PDF work page for Curious George Plays BaseballCurious George Plays Baseball work page and key PDF

Curious George Plays Baseball free sequencing page
Curious-George-Takes-a-Job-book-for-childrenMy comprehension question work page for Curious George Takes a JobCurious George Takes a Job work page and answer key PDF

Curious George Takes a Job Comprehension Questions free printable
PBS KIDS online activities to accompany Curious George books

Happy reading, Carolyn