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Creatures of Earth, Sea, and Sky Free Poetry Printable

by Georgia Heard, drawings by Jennifer Owings Dewey

creatures-of-the-earth-sea-sky-book-for-childrenSome children are natural born poets and sometimes we don’t notice this about a child when we are so busy trying to teach reading the way we think it should be taught.  Georgia Heard has the most wonderful poetry books for children, and she also writes EXCELLENT books for teacher professional development.  She is an author of note in both areas.

I would sometimes find children who either didn’t like to write stories, or just plain would not try very hard, who were natural born poets.  We need to allow children the opportunity and the time to explore poetry and see if they is they way they will begin to express their thoughts.  Starting with other people’s poetry, especially wonderful writers, is how to begin to find this out.  See which children in a class or if your own child perks up when poetry is read.  Some of the poems in this book are free verse and do not rhyme.  It amazes me that some children are ready to write free verse at an early age, and this book has many examples of such writing.  We don’t find this out when we insist on rhyming poems first thinking we are showing children the right way.  Sometimes the children show us the way.

FREE  Creatures of Earth Sea and Sky work page and answer key PDF Children discuss and write what they think poetry phrases mean (6 pages) The actual book is reading level L.Creatures of Earth, Sea, and Sky Free Poetry PrintableHappy reading poetry, Carolyn