CPR, CCR, and AED Emergency Information for Parents and Teachers

CPR, CCR, and AED Emergency Information for Parents and Teachers

I. ReidI. Reid of the Bunnicula post and the Dancing Dime post fame is back with a new post about emergency situations for caregivers. This post is not intended as medical advice.  In an emergency, call 911 and follow the directions of the dispatcher, paramedics, and trained medical personnel.  In other cases, seek and follow the advice of trained medical personnel.  This post is intended to raise awareness of first aid and provide accurate information.

Dear Reader,

I highly advise my dear Readers to take an updated first aid course from their local community education, the Red Cross, or other medical provider who may offer classes in the area.  There have been a lot of advances in the medical field and previous training may now be outdated.  Or more scarily, you may believe in inaccurate information that is floating out there in cyberspace.
Please finish reading more information at this link on I-Reid’s blog.

Carolyn who writes the Wise Owl Factory blog has just been certified in First Aid and CPR Pediatric through adult levels. She asked her daughter, I-Ried, to write this post to help convince others of the importance of knowing this information. Thanks!





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