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Corduroy Bear cut and paste work page freebie, an instant download on this blog post.

Corduroy Bear Cut and Paste Work Page Freebie

Corduroy Bear Cut and Paste Work Page FreebieI love the story of Corduroy by Don Freeman. It was first published in 1968. In the book, a girl wants a teddy bear but the button is missing and mother says no. The girl goes home to count the money in her piggy bank and returns to the story without her mother to buy the bear. The bear finds a nice room and a small bed just for him waiting in his new room. The story is one of a lonely bear on a shelf in the department store waiting to be purchased and loved. He has a little adventure going through the story looking for his missing button. A night watchman returns him to the shelf, which is sad until the first shopper that morning is the girl.

Did you ever go to the store without your parents when you were young? Growing up in the ’50s and ’60s, I often did. I remember one year before school when I was about 12 and my sister was about 7, our mother sent us downtown to buy her some school clothes with only $12.00. I was instructed to shop only the bargain basements at the major department stores. I do remember wondering why on earth was I doing this? And, if it happened again, I really can’t remember. The most expensive item I bought that day was a dress for two dollars. My mother was happy about my frugal shopping. This book reminds me of that time.


Activities that accompany Corduroy including counting money in a piggy bank and button sewing puzzles. 

Children are fascinated with stories where the children are out unsupervised and are grown-up about their responsibilities. We went home when it was dark, not something that often happens today. Anyway, the other thing I like is that the girl lives in an apartment. Yes, people live in apartments, and I like to see it mentioned in stories.

The bear, while looking for his missing button, accidentally steps on an escalator. He  says to himself, “I think I’ve always wanted to climb a mountain!” He mistakes the furniture room for a palace. I made one cut and paste work page based on his store adventure.

Corduroy-had always-wnated-to-do-these-things-cut-and-paste-freebie

The other work page is a sequencing page for children to cut and paste numbers to match the events in the story in order.


The printable PDF is will download instantly right here.