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Communication Log for Home and School Free PDF

This post has a free printable home and school communication log for both parents and teachers to use during the school year.  The teacher will need a binder with tabs and several copies of the teacher log for each student.  The parents will need several copies of the parent page for each child in the family.  These forms would be good in the case of joint custody, also.  It is very difficult to remember exactly what was said when running into a parent in the hallway, a teacher in passing through the lunchroom, or even during a short phone call.  The best way for everyone involved is to keep notes of what was said when as later in the school year the dates and decisions become fuzzy.  The children grow so fast and family life is so busy, it is best to make a few notes and be on the same page—-literally.

communication-log-home-and-schoolCommunication Log for Home and School

I have added a few reminder notes for students, also.  Parents might ask teachers to be sure to send home a jacket or boots, and these notes could be a help.

Communication is a huge issue in life, and between school and home.  Anything we can do to help is appreciated.  Here is a link to a blog post with links to other communication posts, and each post has valuable ideas and information. We hope to help improve public school communication efforts!

Thank you for reading, Carolyn