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Commonly Confused Words

commonly confused words informational blog post

Some words sound the same, but are spelled differently and have very different meanings. Using the wrong word is easy to do, but it is just as easy to use them correctly if you study a few at a time.

The following words are frequently confused and used incorrectly:

Their:             belongs to them

Example:     I found their house by using Google Maps.

There:            location (Replace it with the similar word “where.”)

                         Example: We will be going there today.


Loose:           (rhymes with moose) not close together – free

Example:     Baby’s front tooth is loose.

Lose:              to suffer loss

                        Example: Our team is going to lose tonight.


Hear:              to receive sound through the ears

Example:     I hope to hear him sing tonight.

Here:              this place

                         Example: Let’s stop here and rest.

hear or here

Passed:         verb, past tense of pass

                        Example: Father passed me the potatoes.

Past:              noun, preposition, or adjective

                        Example: I wonder if he had a troubled past.

                        Example: Her past experience is valuable.

                        Example: The plane flew past the buildings.


Peace:           the opposite of war

                        Example: We are praying for peace in the Middle East.

Piece:            a portion of something

                        Example:  Please cut me a piece of cake.


After you finish writing a paper, do a word search for the words above to be sure you have chosen the correct word. 

You will find a free lesson and quiz to practice using these words at this link  

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Thank you for reading, Charlene Tess