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Coloring pages for Christmas for children, free! This post has one instant download and links to two more free coloring pages PDFs. No password is required, just click for your copy. There is something to be said for the calmness and quiet of coloring (or paint, colored pencils, or craypas) activities. If the pages you wish to use are printed ahead of time for the busy days of the holiday season, it will pay off. When the children need to calm down, pull out the crayons and printed pages. No directions are needed, of course, and mom or teacher may get a few quiet minutes to gather thoughts and think ahead. Consider the PDFs an ace in the hole to pull out quickly.

First is a new set of pages, just click on the link: Christmas-coloring-pgs
Coloring Pages for Christmas for Children Free

Coloring Pages for Christmas

There is another similar set of pages for coloring available at this post. It is the first free instant download on the page.  I made this one a while ago, but Christmas hasn’t changed too much lately. Dreaming and thinking of Chrismas Day is part of the fun. Anticipation is important, and allowing the children time to color, dream, and talk about the holiday helps when behavior chemistries are low. Ignoring the upcoming events can lead to increased behavior issues, so allow some time for children to work on related projects. Christmas-coloring-pages-for-children

Then a recent post has some other pages for coloring, as well. The printable for this post is near to the bottom of the page. The pages have some religious pictures as well as more generic illustrations. There are two DIY ideas included in the YouTube video on the post. One is using frosting cans, cleaning them out, coloring on them with permanent markers, and finally using recycling pumpkin batter powered tea lights and making the cans glow at night. The other is a simple way to decorate small boxes. childrens-Christmas-coloring-pages-freebie

I recently reviewed a St. Nicholas story and made some coloring pages for that, as well. Please download these at that blog post

You might also like some of the printables on the December free page on this blog.

Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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