Color and Shapes Leveled Reading System Labels without Numbers

Color and Shapes Leveled Reading System Labels without Numbers
Color and Shapes Leveled Reading System Labels without NumbersLeveled Reading Label System—disguise your numbered leveled book system from students and parents!

This blog entry is devoted to a disguised system for labeling leveled readers with shapes and colors.  The shapes, as well as the colors in this chart, are in alphabetical order.  By being in alphabetical order, teachers can remember levels.  See all printable pages, below, to print.  The colors in alphabetical order are:  blue, green, orange, red, yellow.  The shapes in alphabetical order are:  circle, heart, hexagon, square, then star.  The charts of single colors and shapes may be printed, cut apart, and taped onto leveled books so children are unaware of the level number of the book.  Teachers could decide whether or not to reveal the chart to parents.  The children will be aware of the increased difficulty of books, but this is not as obvious as using a numbered system.  I found baskets that matched the colors, too, at REALLY GOOD STUFF.  I found paper punches of the shapes at CREATIVE MEMORIES.  I’m sure other options are available.

Parents won’t be able to do much bragging about their child’s reading level as they will by mystified by this system! Kids can’t put each other down about who is a better reader by naming number or letter levels. But once understood, the teacher will have no difficulty knowing the reading levels. Clever!

Here are the labels for the book baskets:  BASKET LABELS all PDF

Happy disguised reading, Carolyn

ALL Reading Shape and Color Chart PDF (single page)

The entire system on one 26 page PDF:  Entire shapes and color label system on one PDF

Or, print individual PDF pages, below:

Blue Dot Page PDF

Blue Heart Page PDF

Blue Hexagon Page PDF

Blue Square Page PDF

Blue Star Page PDF

Green Dot Page PDF

Green Heart Page PDF

Green Hexagon Page PDF

Green Square Page PDF

Green Square Page PDF

Orange Dot Page PDF

Orange Heart Page PDF

Orange Hexagon Page PDF

Orange Square Page PDF

Orange Star Page PDF

Red Dot Page PDF

Red Heart Page PDF

Red Hexagon Page PDF

Red Square Page PDF

Red Star Page PDF

Yellow Dot Page PDF

Yellow Heart Page PDF

Yellow Hexagon Page PDF

Yellow Square Page PDF

Yellow Star Page PDF


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About the Author:

Carolyn Wilhelm is the author of The Wise Owl Factory site and blog. She has an MS in Gifted Education, an MA in Curriculum and Instruction K-12, and has completed the KHT Montessori 12 month program. She makes mostly free resources for teachers and parents.


  1. Brenda Ellis 10/30/2011 at 2:10 am

    I really appreciate what you did here with the reading level system. I inherited most of the books in my classroom, and didn’t know how to tell what their levels were, except to look through the pages to see if it is was suitable for a particular child. Thank you, this will make the process much easier.

    • Carolyn Wilhelm 10/30/2011 at 8:18 am

      Thanks for writing! Oh, my goodness, there are so many wonderful free book leveling systems and so much free help online. Good luck! Thank you so much, Carolyn

  2. Nancy Jones 10/08/2011 at 4:08 pm

    I was wondering how you determine what level to put the books in. Do you have a system or do you use someone else’s? I have my books leveled but not very systematic and want to do a better job of it.


    Nancy Jones

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