Chris Robertson

Chris-Robertson-childrens-book-author-photoChris Robertson is a well known children’s author.  His books show the world through the eyes of children. Here are some of his titles, links to blog posts about the books, and also free printables and activities to accompany the texts. He is an author and illustrator. His most recent book is “Harry and the Hot Lava“. Chris’s other books include “My Yellow Umbrella”, “I’ll Trade My Peanut-Butter Sandwich“, “Little Miss Liberty“, “Kit and Kaboodle“, and “The Tooth That’s on the Loose!”

Chris Robertson

Read my blog post for Harry and the Hot Lava here, and download the free printable there.

Harry and the Hot Lava printable student pages to accompany the book.

Chris Robertson also wrote My Yellow Umbrella.  Read the blog post here and find the free printable there. 


free similes umbrella theme printable pocket chart cards