Chicago Toy and Game Week Family Weekend

This post is about a Chicago Toy and Game Week Family Weekend. It also has a discount coupon for all families. Have you heard about this special week? So many events are held during the week such as the Young Inventor Challenge, the Young Tech Challenge, a special Star Wars Lunch, and the Yo-Yo Championship. The Super Power Sensory Hour is hosted by The National Lekotek Center. They provide early access to families of children with special needs.

Fight The Decline of Play

Chicago Toy and Game Week Family Weekend

With the decline of play in recent years and heavy emphasis on testing, sensory issues in children are on the rise. This is so sad to me when it is entirely preventable if we pay attention to correct developmentally appropriate practices. Although we can certainly hurry up academic learning in children, we cannot hurry up emotional and social growth stages that simply take time. I am a supporter of play for children, and this event now only allows play but playful learning.

board-games-are-educationalDuring this event, families can play with the best and newest toys and games before the holidays to see what your child might really want. It will be easier than purchasing and trying to return toys that do not meet your expectations. Did you know playing board games 2x week increases brain speed scores of elementary students 27-32% and it doesn’t involve worksheets or flashcards. This invention challenge might be of interest for parents of young inventors.

Here are some photos from past events. As you can see at a glance, it is really huge and enteraining family event.

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