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Cats by Gail Gibbons Free Printable


by Gail Gibbons

Cats is one of many wonderful non-fiction books by Gail Gibbons.  She writes books that can be relied upon to provide factual information.  This book is non-fiction and includes many of the non-fiction conventions taught in elementary school:  labels, diagrams, charts, captions, pictures, and interesting facts.  This book is loaded with informational text, labeled pictures of many kinds of cats, pictures of postures cats use to communicate, the history of cats, charts that tell how to care for cats and kittens, and even some cat sayings and beliefs.  In short, if you only buy one cat book for a child, this is the book to select.

Did you know the world’s champion mouse catcher was Towser, and she caught about 23,000 mice during her lifetime?  Did you know each cat’s nose covering is different from any other cat’s, just like how fingerprints are different for humans?

Gail Gibbons wrote and illustrated this beautiful book.  In fact, she has written and illustrated over 100 informational books for children.  The best part is that children really welcome and like these books!  Here is my free work page and answer key PDF:  free-cats-student-and-teacher-pages PDF

Cats by Gail Gibbons Free PrintableHappy reading, Carolyn