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  • nesting-boxes-paper-folding-activity-for-Presidents-day

Nesting Boxes Paper Folding for Presidents’ Day Free PDF

This post has nesting boxes paper folding for Presidents’ Day. It is a a printable with six different sized boxes so that they fit together and appear as a single box. Children are surprised when they keep finding another and another box as they try to open it. They will find the penny in the last

  • Dabbers-and-multi-color-swatch-match-to-pictures-activity

Matching Color Palettes for Flowers and Butterflies

This post has color matching palettes for flowers and butterflies and a free printable. Colorful flowers and bright butterflies catch the attention of children enjoying the outdoors. Their interest in color and beauty can help introduce color gradients (or color families). This post has activities and a free printable for matching multiple color swatches cards

  • make-DIY-inexpensive-Montessori-color-tablets

Inexpensive DIY Montessori Color Tablets

Inexpensive Montessori color tablets for matching colors and learning about color gradients are fairly easy to make. I recently made some and this is what I did. Of course, these are just color cards and would fit in many traditional art classes, as well. I learned about the 3 sets of color cards, matching, and

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