BUZZ! A Book About Insects, Hello Reader Free Printable

Buzz! A Book About Insects, Hello Reader Level 3, Science

Buzz! A Book About Insects

BUZZ!  A Book About Insects, Hello Reader, Level 3 Science (Grades 1 & 2) by Melvin Berger

This post has a free book companion for this reader which includes an answer key. Students make their own insect booklets as they read and learn.

Did you know no insects migrate farther than monarch butterflies?  Did you know grasshoppers go through three stages:  egg, nymph, adult?

BUZZ! A Book About Insects is a level 3 science reader with fairly dense informational text.  I ended up making an 8 page illustrated worksheet set (divided into four chapters) for this one book.  If you have a child or student who enjoys learning about insects, this book would be helpful.

This is another nonfiction book that doesn’t name complete or incomplete metamorphosis, and I don’t know why not.  Children love big words like metamorphosis!  So, I mention them in the work pages along with the 3 or 4 stages.  The only other problem I found with this book is that it often says things like, “most insects.”

Enough specifics are provided, though, for children to learn another bunch of interesting facts to amaze people.  Here is my worksheet and answer key:  Buzz! A Book About Insects work pages and key PDF.  (a few photos of the work pages are below)  The work pages could be used with other insect books, also.

A cover is provided for student booklets, or students might draw their own as part of the project.

My own insect booklet cover What do bees get from flowers? Answers are found in the book for first and second graders to find for themselves.

free book companion

Where are insects located? How do they travel? And how are insects special? Such information is provided in the reader. free book companion Where do insects go in winter? Different insects weather winter differently. free book companion Insects at home. This part of the book tells more about where insects live. free book companion

Happy reading, Carolyn

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Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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