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This post has a also free printable for Fancy Nancy: Bonjour, Butterfly!

Step by Step Egg Carton Butterfly Craft and DIY Net

How to catch butterflies printed butterflies outside! We used a page from the butterfly printable at this blog post and laminated the butterflies.  One grandma kindly dropped them off the deck so the children could get lots of practice catching them. Oh, the excitement when a butterfly came flying down.
Butterfly Craft and DIY Net
This is how to make an egg carton butterfly and and DIY butterfly net.
 To make the butterfly, begin with a four part portion of an egg carton, and paint it.  We painted it blue so it would look like the sky.  We used 4 pipe cleaners for the wings, making loops, overlapping, and twisting.  These were put through a hole in the top of the first two egg sections.  The flowers were also made with 4 pipe cleaners.  There was one for the stem and one for the flower portion.
 One additional pipe cleaner was folded in half and twisted, put through a hole, and the ends pulled out to look like antennas.  We added a puff ball to each side.
Butterfly Craft
We added the flowers behind the butterfly.
We cut the butterflies out prior to laminating them, and then cut around the edges leaving a little laminating film so that it would not peel off the butterflies.
print butterflies, cut apart, laminate, cut apart again
To make the net, a garbage bag, duck tape, and a wire hanger was used.  The hook part was folded up and covered with duck tape so nothing could be caught in the hook.
The garbage bad will need to be folded around the entire wire hanger, and then taped into place. Fold it from the outside in, and tape inside.
step one tape one side at a time onto the hanger
It is a little tricky to get the slippery garbage bag around the hanger, so first tape it in four spots to hold some of it in place.
finish taping all side to create the net
Then add tape all around.  The DIY butterfly net will be ready to use. Maybe one will come right this way!
waiting to catch a butterfly
This blog post has a free butterfly activity and printable. It could be completed with our without Toobs butterflies as pictured.  The same butterflies page we used for catching butterflies may be used as the manipulatives.
Butterfly Matching Montessori Inspired PDF
free butterfly printable page

Morgan suggests double hand-print butterfly art.

Double Hand Print Butterfly Art Project

DIY – Pretty butterfly

Create beautiful art with your child’s hands!

Simply place a hand down and contour around the hand and finger and do the same on the opposite side with the other hand so that wings mirror each other.

My young daughter likes to have her hands traced.  Older children can trace their own hands, which can be a little difficult.


Now, here is a free printable page for a butterfly story.

Bonjour, Butterfly by Jane O’Connor, Robin Preiss Glasser (Illustrator)

Fancy Nancy Book And Work Page

My Free PDF:  Fancy Nancy Bonjour Butterfly work page and answer key, PDF (opens here)

Free Printable for Fancy Nancy: Bonjour, Butterfly!

Fancy Nancy books appeal to both boys and girls, but especially to girls as Nancy is just so dressed up and, well, fancy!  All of the books in this series help build vocabulary because Nancy uses fancy words to express herself, often also providing the meaning of the word.  This book uses many synonyms for the word fancy, of course, and also some familiar words in French.  Children enjoy hearing the stories as they then have big words to share when speaking with other people, and often are also happy to impart their new knowledge as to what the words mean.

In this story, Nancy is invited to a friend’s butterfly birthday party, and is so excited.  However, her mother says she can’t attend as that is the same day at the Grandparents 50th wedding anniversary in another town.  Nancy is furious, scowls, and sulks, but does forget to be mad as the anniversary party is so, well, fancy!  She loves every minute of it and apologizes to her mother for being so mad.

photo of work page Happy reading,