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bubbling-snowman-vinegar-and-baking-soda-experimentBubbling Snowman Set Up

The bubbling snowman is easy to set up. Begin with a cookie tray and arrange different size lids to create a flat snowman. We drew a face on one lid using a sharpie marker. Be sure the lids are upside down so they can be filled with baking soda.

how to set up the snowman shape for the bubbling snowman

Next, sprinkle baking soda over and around all the lids. You know what is going to happen, I’m sure. Doesn’t it look like snow?


We used pipettes to get vinegar to squirt on our snowman (snow people) scenes.


And, bubbles! For this video because white is difficult to photograph, I used apple cider vinegar so there was a little color.

More Science Fun

While we were in the kitchen, we found other white ingredients for a little more science fun. Who doesn’t like building with marshmallows and toothpicks? This is good for fine motor practice and replicating 3D geometric shapes.


building-with-marshmallows (1)

Then it was time to try on our safety glasses to practice using eye protection when conducting experiments. We looked like real scientists.

putting on science glasses

Even if the glasses didn’t stay on, it was good practice to try. The next white ingredient we used as shaving cream.  True, shaving cream isn’t usually found in the kitchen, but since it is only soap, we thought it was OK. We added food coloring and mixed that in, too.


Then we practice measuring with equal parts of flour, water, and salt. The result was white puffy paint and we practice drawing in this sensory mixture.  Not everyone likes touching these mixtures. We practiced using measuring cups to make this paint.flour-water-salt-sensory-paint

In winter the sun can be bright, and sometimes children think that means it is summer or summer is soon to be here. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way. However, we thought of using white shapes like snowflakes on nature print paper to make white imprints.  Nature print paper may be used any time it is sunny.


The snowflakes were white after the paper was developed in water for a minute. Funny thing!


Here are some more of our designs. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, we thought a little pink would be fine to include.

another design with nature print paper and little erasers

using nature print paper in the winter

We make a cloud in a glass. We did add food coloring drops to watch it rain through the cloud. To see how to add food coloring, see this post on the Coffee Cups and Crayons blog.


Thank you for reading, Carolyn