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Books for Parents and Teachers by Susan Case

This post has reviews of books for parents and teachers by Susan Case. Did you know teachers don’t learn all they need to know about teaching in college? When I first began teaching, I learned more about HOW to teach from the other teachers in my grade level and school. In college, teachers learn about curriculum, standards, and what to teach. During the entire rest of  teacher’s careers, we have more professional development, but continue to learn from other teachers about HOW to teach and what really works regarding class management and reaching individual children. For instance, what to do with tattle tales is one area not covered much in college classes.  I highly recommend books by Susan Case books for the TRUTH about what goes on in kindergarten!  Parents, this lets you in on the secret information only teachers really know, and I know you are wondering while your child is in kindergarten. Every teacher is at the end of a long list of other professionals who helped her or him learn what she or he knows today.  Teachers, you can speed up the learning process by reading books that tell what you really want to know by authors such as Susan Case. Susan also covers how to prepare a preschooler for Kindergarten at home with inexpensive materials, which is so helpful for parents to know.

Kindergarten by Susan CaseSusan Case has written and co-authored several books, such as Kindergarten: Tattle-Tales, Tools, Tactics, Triumphs and Tasty Treats for Teachers and Parents.  Some of her ideas solve so many classroom issues at once, such as saving birthday treats only on Friday afternoons. Why didn’t I ever think of that? You see, I’m still learning from other teachers. This book has the following chapters:

Chapter One: Teacher Tattle Tales
Chapter Two: Celebrate the Holidays—Celebrate Life
Chapter Three: A Smooth Move to School
Chapter Four: Reading—the Greatest Gift of All
Chapter Five: Science—Survival Specials
Chapter Six: Discipline—Combat Duty or Common Sense Tactics?
Chapter Seven: The Special Education Experience
Chapter Eight: Silly Sanity Lists
Chapter Nine: Recipes for Fun Fridays
Chapter Ten: It’s a Wonderful World, After All

Susan also writes a blog (Kindergarten and Preschool for Teachers and Parents) and you may learn so much from her posts for free, such as this post about why children need recess.  Are you wondering about Kindergarten readiness?  Susan has a post about that, too:  Kindergarten Readiness:  Enroll or Wait? Susan Case is a  former Kindergarten and Special Education teacher who writes to help moms of preschoolers, and parents and teachers of Kindergartners.
The Happy Mommy Handbook. This book reveals explanations behind the activities and preparation for preschool, kindergarten, homeschoolers, and those who have children with special needs. Katie Norris also has an excellent blog:  Mommy With a Selective Memory.

book cover photoThe Happy Mommy Handbook provides a vast amount of practical experience and tips to share with parents, who need so much help in today’s world. This book helps parents understand WHY and HOW to engage their young children in appropriate learning activities (not flashcards, not screen time) and have some peace in the house as children can stay busy for longer periods of time with the play/learning they should be doing. This is so child-friendly and is not a top-down model. Understanding what the children can and should be doing really helps. This is an easy read and a how-to guide book on what and how to create child-centered learning in your home!

This is a video of the authors discussing The Happy Mommy Handbook.

Thank you for reading!  Carolyn