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Birthday Party with OTC and Free Party PDF

Birthday Party with OTC and Free Party PDFBirthday parties are easier with Oriental Trading Company’s (OTC) products. This post is about a big celebration for a 5-year-old and has a party printable freebie. Hey, when you start life as a micro-preemie at 1 lb. 13 oz. and get to five years of age, everyone is so happy! OTC allows us to have $100 of party resources for this special event. You may find similar products at this link.

Five years ago this little princess looked like this! She was so premature of course it was a constant worry. Born in October, she just made it home in time for Christmas. Her birthday was supposed to be in January, several months later.


She’s come a long way, baby! We were so very happy to have a birthday party to celebrate how far she has come and that she is healthy today. Can you tell she is even the same person? We are so thankful she is doing so well now. You have probably noticed her in my previous blog posts. birthday-party-fun-and-free-printable (20)

The party room was nicely decorated before the guests arrived. The birthday banner and decor as added all around the room. Mom had the balloons from OTC filled with helium for the occasion.


The gift table was started with a few gifts before people arrived.

gift table at first

The table was ready for guests. And table cloths were ready for guests who brought more tables and chairs, as well. The decor from OTC was good quality and so many of the decorations are being passed on to another cousin for an April birthday, which is very nice.

table decor

While the pizza run was being done, other items were set up.

birthday-party-fun-and-free-printable (15)

Treat bags were ready for when the children were leaving. There were treat bags for both boys and girls. These were the ones for the girls.

treat bags ready to be taken home at the end of the party

What would the children do during the party (besides eat)? Coloring supplies were put out. The coloring pages are part of the free printable PDF.

coloring pages

We had a birthday bingo game printed out from the freebie ready for use, as well.

birthday-party-fun-and-free-printable (4)

An Oriental Trading Company crown making kit with stick on jewels were made by the children. They enjoyed selecting colors, punching out the triangles, and adding the decorations.

making OTC crowns with a kit

A crown project almost ready to be worn.

crown project ready to wear

Who wants to pin the tail on the donkey when princesses are available? This OTC game has a Cinderella Slipper and other princess items instead.

blindfold party game

Prizes helped everyone keep busy and find something to do! Prizes for everyone for each activity kept the children happy and busy.

prizes for everyone

The free party printable is at this link: birthday-coloring-ages-and-bingo-game


Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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