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Bee-Bim-Bop-Linda-Sue-ParkBee-Bim Bop! This blog has a book review and also a free printable for emergent readers. I was written by Linda Sue Park and illustrated by Ho Baek Lee. According to Publishers Weekly, it is “Unabashedly happy.” I agree the tone and illustrations are very happy. From grocery shopping for ingredients for Bee-Bim Bop to eating the meal, the entire story is about a Korean meal. The little girl is so excited to help. The words have rhythm and rhyme to keep the story engaging for young children.

Many of the illustrations show the child’s point of view on the food and table, and the full adult image is not included. The cook is very busy and running around the kitchen, but not the focus. The pictures are very child-friendly. The entire family gathers when it is time to eat the meal.

The author includes a full recipe for the dinner with many tips and information about the preparation. There are many variations for this recipe and it can be made different ways. What I like is that there are directions for the adult and then for the child, so they can cook together. Bop is the word for rice. Bee-bim (mix) is for mixing up the ingredients. We have tried this recipe but I still have a few things to learn. We adopted our daughter from Korea and enjoy learning about Korea and reading books by Korean authors.

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