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Bear Theme Interactive Math Slides 1-31 and PDF

This printable PDF and SMART Board notebook interactive slide file is for kindergartners working on number 1-31. It is available in our premium Amember area. Tens frames, tens and ones, and tallies are all taught in kindergarten and children do not always realize these representations of numbers mean the same thing. Previously, I posted about tens frames with bear counters and a freebie, and also there is a recent post about tens frames represented with dots and a free instant download.

The PDF has 49 pages. There are 31 pages for the individual number posters, as well as additional pages with the number representation cards for students to match in centers. The cards are on separate pages 33-49. There is a separate SMART Board file with 93 slides. There are 31 slides each for tens frames, tens and ones, and tally practice. Children will practice lining up the representations of the numbers in an orderly fashion.

on-to-31-number-posters-tens-frames-base-10-blocks-tallies (2)

This is an image of a slide for children to practice tens frames.


Here is a sample of the tens and one practice slides.


And the tally practice slides are like this image.


The SMART Board notebook file could be used as a center during math as it is self-correcting. I find even with a tens frame in front of children, they do need practice lining up the dots from left to right and in rows. Just pulling them into the practice area isn’t enough when we are teaching children to organize their math thinking. The PDF and matching cards may also be used in a math center.

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