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2020 BC STACK is back! It is time. Only July 19th through the 25th — just a few days to take advantage of this wonderful offer. 

What a good year for something nice to happen. Many people are considering online work, and whether you are just starting or are wanting to learn more, this is a great opportunity for learning. I’m ready! A bundle of 65 products $8355 for only $47 starting July 19th. Then for two months, you can download and learn from fantastic people in the business industry.

Of course, you could think about it a few more days, but you want to decide quickly for this annual event. Have you been able to get the annual product bundle from BC Stack? If so, you know how valuable it is. If not, then try it and you won’t be sorry. It is always jam-packed amazing experts and courses. We’re talking Joel Comm, Matt Astifan, John Lee Dumas, Rachel Miller, Jennifer Maker Marks, Jay Fiset . . . there have been over 350 experts in its first 5 years. Now, when you might have plenty of time on your hands, you can take advantage of this fabulous offer.

I met Dan and Rachel at the Minnesota Blogging Convention. They run BC Stack, and fly around the world teaching technology, and have been in Minnesota several times. Good people! Good bundle! I can’t recommend anything I don’t use myself. I can’t recommend anything that doesn’t have great value. Really, do you blog? write? write books? do public speaking? work with marketing? There are several things for you in this pack. See the list of products here.

My self-publishing class is included this year. The sign up is on the Wise Owl Factory sign up page, But as part of BC STACK, you will get a code to take it for free. Then, two months of free access for this and the other 64 products. Really! The coupon code is part of the bundle.

Ready for the list of contributors?

  • Bond Halbert
  • Jay Fiset
  • Rachel Miller
  • Jenny Melrose
  • Jennifer Maker Marx
  • Chad Fullerton
  • Monique Johnson
  • Eddie Garrison
  • Mostafa Hosseini
  • Ashley Armstrong
  • Charles Byrd
  • Ray Brehm
  • Donna Kozik
  • Debbie Gartner
  • Adela Rubio
  • Yifat Cohen
  • Keith Dougherty
  • Mike Stewart
  • Karen Smallcalder
  • Sarah Arrow
  • Willie Crawford
  • Amber Fox
  • Annie Oh
  • Chelsea Clarke
  • Mia Moran
  • Faith Mariah Hawks
  • Rachel Newcomb
  • Cate Rosales
  • Sue Guiher
  • Guna Meldere
  • Kim Calderon
  • Mitch Asser
  • Cindy Bidar
  • Connie Ragen Green
  • Mariam Tsaturyan
  • Angus Nelson
  • Carolyn Wilhelm
  • Emily Peck Prokop
  • Joan Mullaly
  • Caroline Vencil
  • Trish Lindemood
  • Kelan Kline
  • Kerry Beck
  • Krystal Proffitt
  • Tracie Fobes
  • Stacy Zant
  • Denise Wakeman
  • Wanita Zoghby-Fourie
  • Lucrezia Lapichino
  • Courtney Chowning
  • Monica Froese
  • Renee Shupe
  • Michell Parizza Wacek
  • Melody Wigdahl
  • Robyn Roste
  • Angela Tempest
  • Liz Saunders
  • Tracy Roberts
  • Mai-Kee Tsang
  • Ingrid Kellly-Owens
  • Cherry-Ann Carew
  • Tonia Clark
  • Scott Paton
  • Colin Yearwood
  • Dwayne Jeffries
  • Kim Beasley
  • Neha Gupta

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Ethical Free Reviews for Authors from The New Book Review
How to Self-Publish a Children’s Paperback with Word

 At this post, a template to edit to create your own book, free, step-by-step directions, and a video will help you easily produce a simple 8.5″ X 8.5″ paperback. This post is for would-be authors who would like a more simple method to get started.

Children’s Picture Book Free Sample Lesson
Ethical Free Reviews for Authors from The New Book Review

Authors may have book reviews placed on the New Review Site for free by following the directions.  Also, authors may get ethical free reviews by contacting Lois W. Stern on the same site and following her directions. Contact me for your Twitter and Pinterest banners.

Ethical Free Reviews for Authors

These are just some of the books I self-published or helped others self-publish using the templates included in the self-publishing course.

Books Created Using the Self-Publishing Course Templates

Self-publishing? Are you interested in writing and selling books yourself? If you like learning and writing, you might like the course I made with everything I learned helping other people self-publish.

Self-Publishing Course

Review by Castle View —  Carolyn Wilhelm recorded every step she went through while she was self-publishing her books and has created a Udemy course for others who want to know what’s involved, step by step for Self-Publishing from the Very, Very Beginning.

Each of these main sections has several subsections that go into easy-to-understand detail. Carolyn shows you what to do right on the screen so you have the option to split-screen your own screen and follow along as you watch the lessons.

Course Review by Castle View

Watch the video and to see Tristan and Kalli read one of Carolyn’s self-published books aloud, Alex Asks About Auntie’s Airplane Day.

One of Carolyn’s books being read aloud
Self-Publishing and Self-Marketing Resources

Self-Publishing and Self-Marketing Resources

Self-Publishing and Self-Marketing Resources — would you like to write a book and publish it yourself? If so, then read this post with links to free resources and the Wise Owl Factory course.

Self-Publishing & Self-Marketing
How to Join Login and Find Dashboard

Join our site by going to the sign-up page. Check the box of the product you want, which is the self-publishing course.

Self-Publishing on this Site
BC Stack for 2020 Bundle of Tech Products Worth $8355
2020 BC STACK is back! It is time. Only July 19th through the 25th — just a few days to take advantage of this wonderful offer. 

It is over for this summer but is available annually for just a few days each time.

July 2020 BC Stack