BC Stack 2018 is back with another great pack which has 65 products for authors, bloggers, virtual assistants, and people with online businesses. It is such a great learning opportunity that, as a teacher, I have to share. Every year I learn so much from the products. There are so many great courses and information that is is very difficult to decide fwhat I want to learn first. The image shows a little about what is included this year. It is like Black Friday for authors and bloggers. This is one of the very few things for which I am an affiliate because who doesn’t love a good deal?

BC Stack 2018 is Back with Another Great Pack

For one week a year, 65 experts in the Digital Marketing space bring their knowledge together for one epic sale. Every year it’s different, every year it’s chock full of the most awesome resources that get compiled.

And this year there is a great book focus.

Donna Kozik’s “Write a book in a weekend”

Rachel Rofe’s “Ultimate Kindle Course”

Mary Jacksh’s “Digital Writers Fast Results Course”

Jean Lanoue’s “How to turn your Book into a Course”

My “SEO for Authors” course

John Colley’s “Copywriting Masterclass”

Kerry Beck’s “6 Week Recipe for Creating Digital Products”

Jeremy Pope’s “Guide to getting Great Testimonials”

Gene Pimentel’s “No Stress Way to Launch Your Product”

Michelle Schoen’s “Storyboard a Book Trailer” Course

Rob Cubbon’s “How to Market and Amazon Best Seller”


Gary McLaren’s “Article Writer’s Toolkit”


This Stack of 65 products from 65 Digital Marketing Experts covers everything you need and some things you didn’t even know were a thing. It begins July 8th and ends July 13th, but the lessons are available much longer. If you need this kind of information, it is a wonderful opportunity. Here is a 4-second video!

I participated in 2017 as well as 2016.

Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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