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HomeworkBack to school and thinking about homework for K-2 public school parents and teachers is on my mind. Back to homework is rarely without issues.  I have previously written about this topic, but it is really a big issue for parents and teachers so worth discussing again.

As a public school teacher, parents, and even children would ask for various options for this issue. What is best?  I will discuss each philosophy here, and try to give some perspective. Experts actually have no definitive agreement or research on whether or not homework has long-term benefits. There are ongoing debates about its effectiveness.

The lack of agreement explains why different schools and teachers have different policies and guidelines. However, the one area of total agreement is that children should read and be read to at home.  Reading outside of school has huge academic benefits. Simply reading aloud to children or having them read beginning readers do not develop literacy without caregivers discussing the books and pictures, though.

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