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Back to School Freebies

This page has back to school freebies for schools and homeschools, such as editable calendars and newsletters. The text and pictures link to blog posts where the materials can be downloaded for free. The calendars are updated on a yearly basis.  Please check back for the next year’s versions.

Free editable calendar for the 2018-2020 school year, download at the blog post


Free poster-sized printable jigsaw puzzle for back to school and classroom community building. Download for free at this blog postfree-printable-jigsaw-puzzle-for-first-day-of-school

Free editable newsletters for primary teachers, download for free at the blog post.


Free full-year calendar pieces and headers, 88 pages, download in the free eMembers area

free full year calendar numbers for primary grades

free tooth display PDF for classrooms, please download at the blog postphoto

Free 12 page PDF for the children’s book, SCARY MARY, about bossy behavior, please download at the blog post.


The free owl theme classroom in our free eMember area with 6 PDFs and 130+ printable pages.

Back to School Freebies