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Book Companions for Specific Children’s Authors

Free Printables to Accompany Books by Selected Authors

Authors books free means free book companions for selected children’s books. My page titles can be too long and so that is the name I chose for this page. It has links to free printable teaching resources to accompany books by the authors listed below. Click on the author names to find free resources to accompany their books. Book companions and novel units are available at the links. There are dozens more free printables to accompany books and this is a portion of what is available. I have made printables for books by Betsy Bowen, Cheryl Carpinello, Dr. Theodore Jerome CohenJulia Dweck, Julie Anne Grasso, Chris Robertson, Steve Ettinger, Wendy Leighton Porter, and J.C. Whyte.

Free Printables to Accompany Books





Julie Anne Grasso children's books free book companions and novel units

Free Printables to Accompany Books Wendy Leighton Porter free novel units


Karmack a book about bullies free novel unit companion for students grades 3 and up