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Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month

Multicultural Kid Blogs is excited to announce our second annual Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month Blog Series. See our main page for a full schedule. Be sure to scroll down on this post for some free printables, also. 

This post has a round up of free printables on the Wise Owl Factory Book a Day blog for this special month.


Allen Say is an Asian American writer and illustrator. First is a free printable for two of his stories that take place in Japan.  They are written and illustrated by Allen Say.  He was born in Japan and has won the Caldecott Medal for another a book he wrote, Grandfather’s Journey.

This printable has comprehension questions and answers for The Bicycle Man and The Boy in the Garden. You might not want to have children write out the answers, so these pages could be used as discussion guides.


The Boy in The Garden

The Boy in the Garden tells of a mysterious crane and meeting the boy experiences, but his father is unaware of what takes place.  This book is great for discussion and higher level thinking skills.

The Bicycle Man

The Bicycle Man tells of US soldiers who happen upon a playground in Japan soon after World War II. The children are frightened but the bicycle man provides some entertainment for them. Another great book for discussion and higher level thinking skills.
My daughter traveled to Japan and let me use her photos to help make this A to Z Power Point with printables for 3 children’s books. At the blog post, there is a SMART Board file, a Power Point, and several PDFs. All free!

Suki’s Kimono

A free printable at the blog post is for the book SUKI’S KIMONO by Chieri Uegaki.  Suki loves her kimono like a favorite teddy bear, because she loves her grandmother. Or click on the photo below to download your copy.

Free vocabulary printable for Suki's Kimono by Chieri Uegaki

Other Great Books

Cover of The Night of the Fireflies by Karen B. WinnickChildren in Japan see fireflies once per year, and a story is about that event is The Night of the Fireflies by Karen B. Winnick, and illustrated by Yoriko Ito. This is a link to the blog post with a free printable, which is an end of the school year autograph book, as teachers release their students at the end of the school year like people release fireflies.

The Story about PINGThe Story about PING by Marjorie Flack and Kurt Wiese is about a duck who lives on the Yangtze River in China. The duck learns there are worse things than being the last duck to get on the boat at night.  If you know the story, click here for the free printable: The Story About Ping Free Printable Venn Diagram Work Page and Key PDF, or click on these words to see the blog post and freebie.

Kindergarten Day USA and ChinaAt this post is a free printable to help children understand the time differences between the USA and China, as Kindergarten Day USA and China tells the schedule of kindergarten classes in both places. In fact, the book turns upside down to be read from one point of view or the others.  Children find this amazing information! Click here for the free printable.

AAloha-for-Carol-Ann-book-coverloha for Carol Ann was written by Margo Sorenson, and illustrated by Priscilla Garcia Burris. There is a free printable for the book at this blog post, also.

Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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