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Arthur’s TV Trouble Free Work Page

Arthur’s TV Trouble:  An Arthur Adventure by Marc Brown ****Click on these words for my free: Arthur’s TV Trouble work page and key FREE PDF**** (photos of reading comprehension work pages below)

Arthur’s TV Troubles has a theme common to children as when he watches TV he wants something for sale on a commercial.  He seems to hear the commercial jingle and see the advertising everywhere.  He just wants a Treat Timer like the one he sees on TV.  He has to have it despite advice from his family, none of whom will lend him a penny. Arthur's TV Trouble Free Work Page

He even daydreams about it so much he has to retake a spelling test as he does not pay attention in class.  Finally, he earns money helping a neighbor, buys the Treat Timer (all sales final) and is very disappointed as it does not live up to the TV advertising.  He learns a lesson, just like at the end of every Arthur book. He spends 5 hours assembling his new item and learns how frustrating it is when things you buy are not fully assembled.

Arthur's TV Trouble Free Work Page

Arthur’s sister makes the comment she likes him better when he is rich. This one comment can help make a great discussion about how uncomfortable it is to not have any money saved. Children can relate to when they have no money to spend and someone else does, especially a sibling.

The Purdue University lesson has great discussion points for children about advertising.  There are many online links that accompany this book to engage children. This links to ADMONGO by the Federal Trade Commission to help children learn about advertising, an online activity.  It asks: Who is responsible for the ad? What is the ad actually saying? What does the ad want me to do?

Arthur's TV Trouble Free Work PageThank you for reading, Carolyn

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