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Welcome to the 3rd annual Booking Across the USA with bloggers from every state! The host for this event is Jodie at the Growing Book by Book blog. Click on this link for the page listing all participating blogs, and keep an eye out for her regional posts with more information during the week.

My post is about Betsy Bowen who is a Minnesota author and illustrator, and it has a freebie for Tracks in the Wild. This post is part of the 3rd Annual Booking Across the USA as part of the Kid Blogger Network. I participated in the Booking Across the USA the first year, and made a free Minnesota bingo game printable for that post.

Be sure to scroll down for all the freebies on this post. 

Tracks-In-The-Wild book coverBetsy Bowen is an author and/or illustrator of children’s books, many of which are set in northern Minnesota. She wrote and illustrated Tracks in the Wild. Most of her illustrations are woodcut, and she also paints. The printing press used to make the woodcut images can be seen at her studio in Grand Marais, MN.

Previously, I blogged about this and other books Betsy illustrated, wrote, or both. I blogged about Tracks in the Wild long ago, and made only a worksheet.

For today’s post, I made some 3-part animal tracking cards that are Montessori-inspired. I did have plans to make “real” Montessori cards with photographs, but it was too difficult to find photos. Then, it was too difficult to find clip art for the Minnesota animals mentioned in the book. It is getting more and more difficult to find art that can be used on “freebies.”  So, the animals are just a scattering of animals and it was all the clip art I could find. Making freebies can be a challenge.

Here is a picture of the Betsy Bowen studio in Grand Marais, Minnesota.


Animal Tracks 3-part Cards

Click on these words for the new animal tracking 3-part card freebie, or click on the photo below to download your copy.


Here are pictures of the tracking printable in use, set up on a Montessori tray and rug. The first tray set up has the children matching two cards.


In the next tray set up, the children would be matching the animal to the track (and word).

The rug could be used for matching two or four cards.


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Big-Belching-BogBack to Betsy Bowen! I have made freebies for other books illustrated and/or written by Betsy. Here are free matching cards for a book she illustrated, The Big Belching Bog. The cards may be used without the book, as well. This link goes to to the blog post about the bog book.

The book Big Belching Bog was written by Phyllis Root and illustrated by Betsy Bowen. It is a large and beautiful book.

free-bog-matching-cards-animals-and-plants printable

Plant-a-Pocket-of-PrairieBetsy also illustrated a beautiful book about prairies.  Again the free printable cards could be used with or without the book, but I hope you can find a copy of this beautiful book to show your students or children. Here is the link to the Plant a Pocket of Prairie post.

The free printable has “foldables” or interactive student notebook activities (ISN’s) for the book Plant a Pocket of Prairie. It was written by Phyllis Root, and illustrated by Betsy Bowen. Another large and beautiful book!

Antler-Bear-Canoe-a-Northwoods-Alphabet-Year-by-Betsy-BowenBetsy wrote and illustrated Antler, Bear Canoe: A Northwoods Alphabet Year. For Antler, Bear, Canoe, I made a free A to Z printable, as it is an alphabet book. This is the link to the blog post. Click on these words or the picture below for this freebie. This book also has a companion song CD, Antler, Bear, Kazoo.

ANTLER, BEAR, CANOE, book review and free teaching printable

photo of a few pages in the free printable

Gathering-by-Betsy-BowenFor The Gathering: A Northwoods Counting Book, also written and illustrated by Betsy Bowen, I made a full year of calendar pieces and heading printable. This is the link which will open the free printable.  It is 88 pages, so wait while it downloads! I also have an older long vowels work page to accompany this book.

Free Full Year of Calendar Numbers Printable

You can also find these printables on the Wise Owl Factory Betsy Bowen page.

Thanks for reading, Carolyn
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