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This post has free animal theme learning activities for Pre-K thru 1, and it Opens right here!  Sudoku, singular and plural animal names, emergent readers, and roll and graph pages. This printable is to supplement classroom animal studies, or the science center/table.

The photos below show some of the activities while in use, to provide suggestions about how this printable could be printed and set up in the classroom.  Trays or small work areas would be best, to isolate concepts and learning.  Trays and small areas also help students define their own workspace to enhance concentration and reduce interference from other students.


This is a Montessori work rug with the singular and plural words printed for a sorting activity.  The rug helps defines the working space for one child at a time.

Free Animal Theme Activities for Pre-K thru 1

Pocket Charts

Here are the same words but used in a pocket chart for teaching a large group, perhaps prior to the sorting activity.

Free Animal Theme Activities for Pre-K thru 1 Free Animal Theme Activities for Pre-K thru 1


This is the Sudoku set up on a tray with one card at a time, and the corresponding puzzle parts.  After children are familiar with these puzzles, more trays could be set out for the different puzzles.

Free Animal Theme Activities for Pre-K thru 1


The graphing activity fits nicely on a tray, with your choice of objects to record the roll of the “fishy” dice.  Answers will vary in this activity, of course.  Also, the page could be placed in a plastic sleeve and dry erase markers provided for single student use.

Free Animal Theme Activities for Pre-K, thru 1


A stapling center could be set up with the pages of the emergent read set apart for students to put in numerical order.  If the stapling techniques are taught and safety emphasized, this should be a fun activity for the children.

Free Animal Theme Activities for Pre-K thru 1

A finished book!  This could be send home for reading practice.

Free Animal Theme Activities for Pre-K thru 1

Thank you for reading, Carolyn


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